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Go ye therefore in to all nations

The Witness....... The first step in learning to share our faith is to examine our own hearts. It is important to know our motivation for witnessing. The fuel that motivates us to share the gospel with outhers should be our gratitude to Yahweh for the finished work of Yahshua, combined with a concern for the terrible fate of unbelievers.Who do you know who isn't saved and will one day be cast into the lake of fire? We should be horrified at the thought of this happening to anyone. If you're lacking the fuel of compassion for others and gratitude for your own salvation, thetask of sharing your faith will become a chore, feeling loathsome and legalistic. If there's no fuel in your car, you'll have to push it instead of drive it. If you have to push the vehicle of evangelism, it will be a tiresome task, while driving it will be exhilarating. Without the fuel of gratitude, your attitude won't be an enthusiastic "I delight to do your will," but a begrudging "I have to do your will." Each of us needs to have a Garden of Gethsemane experience, where we lay down our own will. It was in a garden where man first said, "Not your will, but mine be done." And it's in a garden where we need to go back and say,"Not my will, but yours be done."  just find a quiet place, get on your knees and say, "Father, sharing the gospel with strangers and my loved ones makes me sweet great drops of blood. Yet not my will, but yours be done." make it so real that the next time you're standing at Wallmart and you want to share your faith with the porson standing next to you, you will remember your Gethsemane experience. Before we continue, take two or three minutes right now for silent prayer, as you meditate on the finished work of Yahshua and surrender yourself completely to Yahweh.If you don't know how to pray go to the ''Prayer" link to pray the prayer of repentance

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For The Oil Of The Spirit
Revelation 7:2-8

The Messianic star, an image usede as an emblem of the messianic christian movement . It consists of a fish emblem ( Vesica Pisces ) intertwined with a star of david symbolizing the harmony of jewish and christian beliefs .

"How then was our Saviour manifested to the world? A star shone in heaven beyond all the other stars, and its light was inexpressible, and its novelty struck terror into men's minds. All the rest of the stars, together with the sun and moon, were the chorus to this star; but that sent out its light exceedingly above them all. And men began to be troubled to think whence this new star came, so unlike to all the others'' .  

“I see him, but not now;
I behold him, but not near;
A star shall come forth out of Jacob,
A scepter shall arise from Israel.
He shall smite the squadrons of Moab,
and beat down the sons of strife.”  Numbers 24: 17

And asked, Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him. Matt 2:2



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