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Michael John Rood


About Michael Rood

Former US Marine Michael Rood is on a mission.

He dares to go where few men have gone before, to challenge long-held beliefs about the Bible and to guide all who "have ears to hear" to an historically accurate interpretation and understanding.

Michael's direct, hard-hitting style is both disarming and refreshingly honest. His bold attitude is backed-up by Scripture and well researched historical data. He is both teacher and story-teller.

His assignment? To bring the good news of Messiah and Torah to a lost and disillusioned world.

Ever since Israel was re-established as a nation, the world's greatest archaeological treasures have been rediscovered in this ancient Land of the Bible. The Hebrew prophets foretold of the days in which we live - and these archaeological artifacts attest to the veracity of the Scriptures penned at Mount Sinai nearly 3,500 years ago.

For more than a decade, Messianic moreh (teacher) Michael Rood has traveled the globe exhibiting this Bible-confirming archaeology, and proclaiming that the "Feasts of the LORD" are precise prophetic shadow pictures by which our Creator has revealed the Messiah, and His plan for the created universe. Through his multi-media seminars, which excited audiences have appropriately dubbed "A Rood Awakening!", Michael has invited hundreds of thousands of people around the world to "Leave your western, Gentile mentality behind, and explore the Scriptures (from Genesis to Revelation) from a Hebrew, or Jewish, perspective", and return to the faith of the First Century followers of Messiah Y'shua (Jesus).

Now, after instructing more than 200,000 people at his A Rood Awakening! seminars, and many times that number through his teaching materials and radio shows, Michael is broadcasting his unique and inspiring insights to television audiences in the English and Spanish-speaking world. These groundbreaking video productions, as well as Michael's books, audio teachings, Biblical calendar, and Israel tours, are all featured in the A Rood Awakening! Resources Catalog and Tour Brochure.

Please visit our different web pages with detailed information about our broadcast television schedule, USA seminar tours, one of a kind A Rood Awakening! Tours of Israel, Rood Marketplace instructional resources, and much much more!

Yahweh has used Michael Rood to teach the Bible in such a way it makes the scriptures come alive. He has touched many of lives with his teachings including my own. I praise Yahweh for you Michael keep doing the work that Yahweh would have you do. And we will all see you when the smoke clears.


For The Oil Of The Spirit
Revelation 7:2-8

The Messianic star, an image usede as an emblem of the messianic christian movement . It consists of a fish emblem ( Vesica Pisces ) intertwined with a star of david symbolizing the harmony of jewish and christian beliefs .

"How then was our Saviour manifested to the world? A star shone in heaven beyond all the other stars, and its light was inexpressible, and its novelty struck terror into men's minds. All the rest of the stars, together with the sun and moon, were the chorus to this star; but that sent out its light exceedingly above them all. And men began to be troubled to think whence this new star came, so unlike to all the others'' .  

“I see him, but not now;
I behold him, but not near;
A star shall come forth out of Jacob,
A scepter shall arise from Israel.
He shall smite the squadrons of Moab,
and beat down the sons of strife.”  Numbers 24: 17

And asked, Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him. Matt 2:2



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